Who Is May Brooks?

Who Is May Brooks?

Meet Flora May Mote Brooks, a spirited and happy, self-assured woman known throughout her life and career as May Brooks.

Born in 1896 in Springfield, Mo., May was one of four girls. She graduated from Business College in Springfield, married a police detective, and had a little girl in 1924.

In 1929, when the Great Depression hit, she, along with millions of women, went to work to help support her family. As the impact of the Depression became less severe, the necessity for her to work ended, but her love of work and her career did not. As the switchboard operator for Springfield Grocer Company, she knew all the customers, vendors and sales people who called.

From her switchboard, May Brooks was the Facebook of today, keeping all the people who called connected as she updated them on each other, told them a new joke — or listened to their favorite joke — before putting them through. She did this for 35 years, remaining the voice, marketing and public relations of the Grocer Company until she retired at age 70.

May Brooks was Stacey’s great-grandmother, whom she knew well, before May died in 1982. We named our company Maybrooks as a tribute to all the moms who go to work to help their families, to all the moms who ultimately go to work because they like it, and to all the moms who go to work and make where they work a better place.