Sandra Woods of Education First on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

Going International While Working From Home

Sandra Woods parlayed her design skills into crafting workshops for local coordinators of Education First High School Exchange Year.

Four flexible jobs for moms on Maybrooks a career resource for moms.

Four Fantastic Flexible Jobs in Finance, Big Data & Consulting

Check out these opportunities in consulting, data science and community engagement.

Layla Kajer of Ultragenyx talks about her new identity as a working mom millennial on Maybrooks a career resource for moms

With Baby — An Expansion, Not Death, of a Career Woman

How an unplanned baby allowed for amazing growth and expansion of a career for this new working mom, who then sought a new work culture to support this surprising — and ultimately welcomed — shift.

Bria Martin Mommy Guilt New Job and Pregnant on Maybrooks a career resource for moms. Find flexible jobs and maternity leave information.

A New Job, and Pregnant

A new job and surprise timing of a second pregnancy left Bria Martin feeling nervous and guilt ridden, for nought. A great example of seeking the right workplace culture.

Maybrooks, a career resource for moms. Find flexible and part time jobs, information on paid maternity and paternity leave, and benefits that offer work life balance.

5 Companies Doing Amazing Things for Moms

These companies are doing great things to support working moms. From part time schedules to paid leave to core working hours and holiday closures. Good stuff!

Building a Family Friendly Culture at Work

Building a Strong Family Friendly Culture @ Your Company: 5 Tips

Want to build a company that supports working parents? Here are five strategies to consider that go beyond offering paid leave.

Why paid leave matters, even if you don't need it

Why Paid Leave Matters, Even If You Don’t Need It

Paid leave is an important indicator of how supportive a company is of employees in general. Here’s why you should care even if you don’t need it.

Onboarding New Hires at Pinterest with An Eye on Culture

Karen Lieu, recruiting programs manager at Pinterest, tells us about her role welcoming and educating new hires, and setting boundaries as the busy mother of three.

Pinterest's Stephanie Kumar and Chloe on Maybrooks

Pinterest’s Stephanie Kumar Propels Her Career Post Baby

How Stephanie Kumar stepped up her career after the birth of her daughter: “I felt the need to become a role model to this little girl that I held in my arms every day during maternity leave.”

A Pilot Program for New Moms at Etsy

Etsy’s Cheyne Little talks about the value she’s getting from a coaching program for new moms at the company, and how she’s more driven now than ever to see her team succeed.

Designing a Company & Its Culture

With InteriorCrowd, a new approach to interior design, founder Heather Natsch is focused on designing the company’s work culture, too.

Jenni Snyder of Yelp with Baby on Maybrooks #womenintech

Life As a Mom in Tech for Yelp’s Jenni Snyder

Yelp’s Jenni Snyder on managing her team in a no-hero culture, co-founding the company’s mother’s group, and pitching her own flexible work schedule.

Setting an Example of Flexibility in Consulting

Catherine Gray found her groove at The Trium Group, a consulting firm dedicated to striking the right balance for its employees and clients.

A Work Leap with 6-Month Old Twins Brings Flexibility

Levo’s Kathleen Harris, mom of 3, took a leap to a mission-driven startup and negotiated a work from home day that the CEO then implemented for everyone.

Does Your Company Work for Working Parents?

Join the Maybrooks database of companies that work for working moms, dads and families with highlights on paid maternity leave, childcare and more.

Why Top Women Talent Can’t Find You

Telling your story will help you retain and attract the best talent. #goflexyourself

10 Ways Your Company Can Be Flexible

Questions, suggestions and strategies for building a more flexible work environment

I’ve Never Been Afraid to Negotiate

TiVo executive Margret Schmidt on asking for more in the beginning and how her family makes it work with a stay-at-home dad