Negotiate your salary, bonus and flextime

Here’s How to Negotiate Pay

Whether you’re negotiating for salary, a raise, a bonus, flex time, or setting an hourly rate, here are some articles and advice to help you get there.

Stand out from the crowd LinkedIn profile review on Maybrooks

LinkedIn Profile Review

Everyone needs an editor. We can help you polish a LinkedIn profile that works even with gaps.

Crafting a modern resume on Maybrooks

Crafting a Modern Resume

So what should a resume actually *look* like these days? Here’s some advice from the experts.

How To Ace an Edit Test

Has your interviewer asked you to take an edit test? Here’s what it is and how to prepare.

How Moms Can Tap Into Their Inner Beauty

Life and career coach Johanna Beyer discusses how cultivating your inner aliveness is as important as eating right and taking care of your body.

Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time

Dying to take the leap and start your own business? Here’s a guide to help you take that side passion project to the next level.

Resume and LinkedIn Resource Guide

Looking for a new job? Returning to work after a break? Putting together your CV post MBA? Here’s a list of articles and resources to help you craft or refresh a stellar resume and LinkedIn profile.

5 Tools to Help You Work From Home

If your home office looks more Fisher-Price than Twitter, think about investing in some essential hardware and software to get it right.

The More Flexibility Tool Kit

Flexibility in the workplace exists, but you may have to create it for yourself.

Maternity Leave Tool Kit

The Maternity Leave Tool Kit

There’s so much to think about when a baby is on the way, here’s a cheat sheet on how to prepare for maternity leave… and beyond.

12 Strategies to Get You Back to Work

Clear steps to help you transition back to work.

How to find a mentor, 10 steps on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

How to Find a Mentor: 10 Steps

Finding a mentor isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. It takes time and patience, and you need to be proactive. You also have to know what you’re doing.