5 ways to boost your energy on Maybrooks a career resource for moms. Find flexible and part time jobs.

5 Way to Boost Energy

It’s so important to build in rest and recovery to get the results you want. Here are five ways to do this even when you feel so busy.

Tapping into your shadow identity on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms with part time and flexible jobs

Tapping Into Your Shadow Identity

For every fabulous quality you possess, there is a shadow part of you that rarely gets any airtime. There’s a cost to this pattern.

Woman walking and practicing self care on Maybrooks a career resource for moms -- find flexible and part time jobs, maternity leave data and more

Adding Self Care to Your Personal Hygiene Regimen

ThriveMomma created a self-care planner to help you build time into your week or month to focus on taking care of you. She shares it here with us.

Find your unique strengths on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms. Find part time jobs, flexible jobs and resources.

What Are Your Unique Strengths?

Here’s a fun guide with four ways to help you discover your unique strengths. Ready, set, go!

The magic of being still to invoke career change for moms.

There’s Magic in Being Still

Are you addicted to being busy?

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A Fresh Take on New Year's Resolutions. Health through oranges on Maybrooks.

A Fresh Take on Setting Resolutions

Allow yourself to unwind from the chaos of the holidays and use the slower pace to imagine where you will be a year from now.

Meet Life & Career Coach Julie Houghton

As your coach, I’m your confidante, visionary, cheerleader, and mentor — and I love working with moms in all stages of life.

How Moms Can Tap Into Their Inner Beauty

Life and career coach Johanna Beyer discusses how cultivating your inner aliveness is as important as eating right and taking care of your body.

Build Yourself a Virtual Escape

Struggling to find some “me” time? Build a virtual mom cave.

Lessons Learned When A Mom Goes Back to Work

The author’s mom took a long break to be with children, then went back to work and ultimately taught her daughter a lot.

The Time Value of Being With Our Children

When it comes to our careers, why is there no time value placed on being with our children?

Five Years After Leaving the 9 to 5

Freelance writer and Maybrooks Ambassador Adrienne Robillard reflects on leaving the 9-5, and what she wished she had known.

Centering on the New Old You

How re-discovering the “old you” will help the “new you” feel more in control, in charge and replenished with energy to continue with whatever the day brings you.

Back to work tips with maybrooks-roses and pen2

Getting Started if You’ve Never Worked

SAHM mom of two asks how to kickstart her career. Coach Johanna Beyer has three steps.

Meet Maybrooks Ambassador Kendall Laidlaw

Tech marketing professional Kendall works with Maybrooks and dreams of a job with NPR

Taking a Break Can Be Good for Your Career

Taking a break offers a chance to see what new gifts and talents want to come out and express themselves

Staying Relevant During a Career Break

5 tips from career coach Jennifer Bevan on what to do while “leaning out” so you’re marketable when ready to head back to work