A guide to getting results you want on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

A Guide for Sticking to Your Goals

Reaching your goals or completing a task isn’t just about time, it’s about energy. Here are 6 easy tips to help you stick to your goals and achieve success.

5 ways to boost your energy on Maybrooks a career resource for moms. Find flexible and part time jobs.

5 Way to Boost Energy

It’s so important to build in rest and recovery to get the results you want. Here are five ways to do this even when you feel so busy.

How to manage a career change when you don't know what to do workshop on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms with part time and flexible job opportunities

Join Us for a Career Change Workshop

Whether you’re going back to work after maternity leave, thinking about returning to the workforce after time as a stay at home mom, or are currently in a job and just know you’re meant to do something more, this workshop is for you.

Tapping into your shadow identity on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms with part time and flexible jobs

Tapping Into Your Shadow Identity

For every fabulous quality you possess, there is a shadow part of you that rarely gets any airtime. There’s a cost to this pattern.

Mirror exercise to achieve possibility on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms with part time and flexible jobs

Mirror, Mirror: A 3-minute Exercise to Discover Possibility

Sometimes seeing pieces of yourself in other people can be helpful in identifying new possibilities for yourself, and strategies for relationships. Here’s an exercise to help.

Woman walking and practicing self care on Maybrooks a career resource for moms -- find flexible and part time jobs, maternity leave data and more

Adding Self Care to Your Personal Hygiene Regimen

ThriveMomma created a self-care planner to help you build time into your week or month to focus on taking care of you. She shares it here with us.

Roasted chickpea and chicken crunch salad, great summer recipe on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms. Find part time and flexible jobs, research maternity leave and more.

Roasted Chickpea and Chicken Crunch Salad

A summer salad that’s super fast and delicious!

How to tell your partner you want to quit your job on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms - find flexible jobs and maternity leave information

Talking To Your Partner About Your Career Change

Do you fantasize about finally quitting your job and doing something you love but feel too scared to talk to your partner or spouse about it?

One pot chicken recipe for easy weeknight meal for busy working moms and dads on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

Easy One Pot Chicken Recipe for Busy Working Families

A delicious one-pot meal that even picky eaters can enjoy. Easy enough for a weeknight meal.

Weeknight taco recipe for working moms and dads on Maybrooks a career resource for moms looking for flexible and part time jobs

Weeknight Taco Recipe for Working Moms and Dads

Seriously easy and delicious weeknight recipe brought to you by a Yogi 🙂

Achieve your dreams by nurturing ideas with love and time just like a tree that doesn't grow overnight.

Now is the Time to Act on Your Ideas

Does a Redwood tree come out of the ground strong, tall and robust? No, it takes time and the right conditions for it to grow and become majestic. Here are four steps to fight your fears and start the process for change.

Negotiate a part time schedule or find a job with you want with proven strategies for desired outcomes.

How to Get What You Want

Simple shifts to make lasting changes that yield the results you want.

The magic of being still to invoke career change for moms.

There’s Magic in Being Still

Are you addicted to being busy?

Are You Undervaluing Yourself?

Five ways to recognize that you are undervaluing yourself and thus holding yourself back from all you are capable of in career and life.

A guide for 2016 on Maybrooks

A Guide to Creating Your Year Your Way

Ready for a new way of living? Coach Rosie offers this guide to set the stage and step into all that’s YOU this year!

Word of the Year for 2016

One Word to Define 2016 — What’s Yours?

Rather than a resolution, what word will define your 2016? Here are some for inspiration.

A Fresh Take on New Year's Resolutions. Health through oranges on Maybrooks.

A Fresh Take on Setting Resolutions

Allow yourself to unwind from the chaos of the holidays and use the slower pace to imagine where you will be a year from now.

3 Questions to Ask When You Can’t Decide What to Do

When it comes to deciding what to do with your career, a lot of big questions come up that can feel hard to answer. Here’s a framework to help you push through.