6 tips to ease baby to childcare after maternity leave

6 Tips to Transition Your Baby to Childcare Post Maternity Leave

It’s important to give yourself and baby time to transition to a new caretaker. Here are six tips to help both of you get there with ease.

5 ways to boost your energy on Maybrooks a career resource for moms. Find flexible and part time jobs.

5 Way to Boost Energy

It’s so important to build in rest and recovery to get the results you want. Here are five ways to do this even when you feel so busy.

How to manage a career change when you don't know what to do workshop on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms with part time and flexible job opportunities

Join Us for a Career Change Workshop

Whether you’re going back to work after maternity leave, thinking about returning to the workforce after time as a stay at home mom, or are currently in a job and just know you’re meant to do something more, this workshop is for you.

Woman walking and practicing self care on Maybrooks a career resource for moms -- find flexible and part time jobs, maternity leave data and more

Adding Self Care to Your Personal Hygiene Regimen

ThriveMomma created a self-care planner to help you build time into your week or month to focus on taking care of you. She shares it here with us.

Angela Williams of Education First on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

A Part Time Role With Global Reach

Angela Williams found flexibility in a role placing international students in U.S. homes for one year of high school. A perfectly flexible role for this former teacher and new mother of two.

Find your unique strengths on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms. Find part time jobs, flexible jobs and resources.

What Are Your Unique Strengths?

Here’s a fun guide with four ways to help you discover your unique strengths. Ready, set, go!

Jenny Han Donnelly engineering director at Yahoo Inc on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms #womenintech

4 Mamas Who Found Their Career Groove with Babies

These amazing mamas clicked with their careers in big ways after having children, in each case dialing it up.

Taking care of you as a new mom and career woman on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms.

Taking Care of You As a New Mom

Here’s a game plan to prepare for the personal and career changes that comes with a baby.

Allison Rowe Yahoo Inc for Maybrooks, a career resource for moms.

Adjusting to Motherhood With Ease at Yahoo

A new mom at Yahoo reflects on concerns about career and family pre-baby, and how she’s learning to ask for help and embracing this new stage of life.

Layla Kajer of Ultragenyx talks about her new identity as a working mom millennial on Maybrooks a career resource for moms

With Baby — An Expansion, Not Death, of a Career Woman

How an unplanned baby allowed for amazing growth and expansion of a career for this new working mom, who then sought a new work culture to support this surprising — and ultimately welcomed — shift.

Bria Martin on navigating the transition from maternity leave back to work on Maybrooks

A New Mom’s Tips to Navigate Maternity to Work

Five work-smart strategies that will help you with the transition from maternity leave back to work, and give you the foundation to feel good about work and family time.

Bria Martin Mommy Guilt New Job and Pregnant on Maybrooks a career resource for moms. Find flexible jobs and maternity leave information.

A New Job, and Pregnant

A new job and surprise timing of a second pregnancy left Bria Martin feeling nervous and guilt ridden, for nought. A great example of seeking the right workplace culture.

Maybrooks, a career resource for moms. Find flexible and part time jobs, information on paid maternity and paternity leave, and benefits that offer work life balance.

5 Companies Doing Amazing Things for Moms

These companies are doing great things to support working moms. From part time schedules to paid leave to core working hours and holiday closures. Good stuff!

Traveling for work while pumping.

Tips on Pumping While Traveling for Work

Traveling for work and still pumping? Your questions asked and answered by ThriveMomma.

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Preparing baby for your return to work

Preparing Baby As Your Maternity Leave Ends

Just as you need to prepare yourself to head back to work after maternity leave, you need to prep your baby as well. Career coach Elaine McGhee shares her five tips.

A Fresh Take on New Year's Resolutions. Health through oranges on Maybrooks.

A Fresh Take on Setting Resolutions

Allow yourself to unwind from the chaos of the holidays and use the slower pace to imagine where you will be a year from now.

Career inspiration on Maybrooks for moms

3 Mindset Shifts to Realize Your Dreams

“I knew I was capable of doing so much more, but I had no idea what that “something” looked like.” Three steps to help you make change.