Go-to Work meeting clothes capsule on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

The Work Meeting Clothes Capsule

Don’t stress about what to wear to a meeting or interview, build a go-to work meeting clothes capsule to keep it simple.

Bria Martin Mommy Guilt New Job and Pregnant on Maybrooks a career resource for moms. Find flexible jobs and maternity leave information.

A New Job, and Pregnant

A new job and surprise timing of a second pregnancy left Bria Martin feeling nervous and guilt ridden, for nought. A great example of seeking the right workplace culture.

Negotiate your salary, bonus and flextime

Here’s How to Negotiate Pay

Whether you’re negotiating for salary, a raise, a bonus, flex time, or setting an hourly rate, here are some articles and advice to help you get there.

How To Ace an Edit Test

Has your interviewer asked you to take an edit test? Here’s what it is and how to prepare.

How Moms Can Tap Into Their Inner Beauty

Life and career coach Johanna Beyer discusses how cultivating your inner aliveness is as important as eating right and taking care of your body.

Finding Her Path

Jennifer Bevan reinvented her own career to help working women (and men) find a workplace that works for them, make career change happen, and discover even greater self awareness.

8 Ways to Boost Confidence Quickly

Prepping for an interview or meeting or business pitch? Gear up on the fly with these quick strategies.

Pitching Job Flexibility: How Julie Casson Did It

Julie Casson, Global Director of Marketing for Inbenta, pitched working from home on Friday during the interview process, highlighting to the CEO that he would get 96 hours more of her time in saved commute hours. Here’s how she did it.

When to Ask for Flexibility During Interview Process

When asking for flexibility, it’s all about them.

How to Answer a Hiring Manager’s Questions… Before They’re Asked

Think about your skills and goals when writing a resume and cover letter

Three Ways to Win in an Interview

Successful interviewing requires a strategy.

7 Ways a Career Coach Can Help You

Meet the Maybrooks Coaches

Back to Work with the Help of a Coach

For “returnee” Christina Hillman, hiring a coach was key to her return-to-work process and ultimately a good investment in herself and her future

Jennifer McClanahan Flint, career coach, offers advice to working moms looking for career change on Maybrooks.

How to Ace an Interview

5 steps for success

Get Hired: Be Nice and Tell Your Story

The NYT Corner Office column is always full of amazing little tips on how some people hire. You’ve got to know your audience in an interview, but seems like you can always apply some of the tips offered in these succinct interviews with business leaders. In the latest, Wolff Olins CEO Karl Heiselman talks about […]

How to Demonstrate Your Value

Knowing and demonstrating your value is an important skill that matters in job interviews, everyday interactions, and for your own self worth.

Get the Job: Communicate Your Skills

Communicating what you are good at is key to being offered a new job. But many job seekers aren’t doing a good job of telling prospective employers what makes them the best candidate for the position. MarketWatch’s Andrea Coombes summarizes five mistakes to avoid when on the job hunt.

Get Hired: Five Personality Traits that Win

Little did you know how important that “hobbies and interests” section at the bottom of your resume may be. In her post today, Forbes’ Megan Casserly sums up new data about what personality traits employers hire for most: professionalism, high energy, confidence, self-monitoring, and intellectual curiosity. Of these five, confidence is key. Per the Forbes […]