Meet Life & Career Coach Julie Houghton

As your coach, I’m your confidante, visionary, cheerleader, and mentor — and I love working with moms in all stages of life.

Ideal Work Lab – with Kara Smith

Kara is a workforce consultant, educator, and founder of the Ideal Work Lab project. Her mission is to help overwhelmed professionals, teams and organizations conquer work dilemmas, get wildly empowered, engaged and energized, and do their BEST work. She’s a working mother who believes we do our BEST work when we align work with our […]

Working Mom Support Coach ThriveMomma

My passion is running my coaching practice, ThriveMomma, and doing everything I can to support moms around the country. I supply this support through providing the right information, smart tools and emotional guidance to help women thrive as they return to work after having a baby.

Life Coach Laura Riordan, PhD

Helping clients identify and reconnect with priorities and arrive at critical conclusions about how to move forward

Walk of Life Consulting: Shannon Houde

Shannon’s practice helps women with career change, interview prep and CV/resume help, with particular expertise in sustainability jobs, impact careers, corporate responsibility and corporate social responsibility

Resource Guide: Getting Started on Maybrooks

5 ways to get the most out of Maybrooks

Jennifer Chow Bevan, Path Relaunch

Career coach focused on helping women in transition move from confusion to clarity to an action plan: Job search strategy, interview coaching, and more.

Laurie Palau,

Helping women develop practical organizing strategies to successfully manage work, home and family.

Rosie G Sunrise on Maybrooks

InnerBrilliance Coaching with Rosie Guagliardo

Helping women translate their strengths, values, and gifts -into a compelling personal brand that matches fulfilling career opportunities.

Family & Career Strategist Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

Helping working moms thrive in their careers and still feel like great moms by building careers with autonomy and financial rewards.

Johanna Beyer is a life and career coach with On Your Path Consulting on Maybrooks a career resource for moms.

Career Coach Johanna Beyer – On Your Path Consulting

Life Coach specializing in career transition and supporting mothers who are ready to re-enter the workforce. Organizational consultant supporting organizations with team connection, purpose and vision.