Meet Maybrooks Ambassador Kendall Laidlaw

Meet Maybrooks Ambassador Kendall Laidlaw

Kendall LaidlawWHO SHE IS: Kendall Laidlaw

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

KIDS: One son, age 14

LIFE BEFORE KIDS: Technology Marketing

SANITY VICE: Walking and talking to our dog, Rose.

WHAT SHE LOVES TO DO: Cooking, tennis, hiking, reading


DREAM JOB: Radio host — a combination of a NPR’s Terry Gross’ Fresh Air & BBC’s Kristy Young’s Desert Island Discs

Questions for Kendall:

1. What are you doing now to refocus your career? 

Looking for a marketing position in technology and other work environments.

2. What have been your challenges in trying to re-enter the workforce? 

Taking my existing skills and figuring out the best way to repackage them for an employer.

3. Why did you want to become a Maybrooks Ambassador?

It’s an opportunity to help other moms find interesting work.

4. Any advice for other moms trying to return to work?

Tell anyone and everyone you are looking for work and be specific on what you want.

Kendall Laidlaw