1. What is Maybrooks?

Maybrooks is a marketplace connecting smart, highly skilled professional women who are moms seeking a flexible work environment with progressive employers and each other. Learn more on our employer page.

2. What kind of jobs can I find or post on Maybrooks?

Maybrooks accepts jobs that offer a flexible work environment and that meet the high-skill demands of our talent pool. We vet each position to ensure quality before it posts to the site. See more on our Employer page. Visitors can search or post opportunities in five categories:

Freelance/Contract Project-based freelance, contract and consulting work
Part Time Part-time roles; Often 2-3 days/week
Full-Time Flexible Full-time roles that offer some element of flexibility (i.e., flex-days, hours)
Maternityships Temporary roles; Fill-in for those on Maternity Leave
Returnships Positions/roles where hiring manager is open to working with someone who is re-entering the workforce after a break. Read about “Internships” for 40-year-olds in Harvard Business Review.

3. How are jobs vetted on Maybrooks?

We look for jobs that will be most appealing to our educated and experienced talent pool — jobs that respect their experience and contributions to the workplace. We handle each case on an individual basis.

4. The job I want to post is full time. How do I know if I offer a flexible work environment?

Please read this post. You may be more flexible than you realize! Be in touch if we can help your company offer the kind of environment the women coming to our site would appreciate.

5. Who is using Maybrooks?

Highly experienced, smart women who are also moms. Many have graduate degrees and average 6-20 years of work experience. See more here. These women trust that the companies posting with us truly offer the best work environments that also work for families.

6. How do I edit a job and/or company profile I posted?

Please login to MY ACCOUNT and click on “Edit Jobs and/or Company Profiles.”

7. How do I delete a job I posted?

Please login to MY ACCOUNT and click on “Edit Jobs and/or Company Profiles.”

8. I purchased a bundle. How can I submit more jobs?

Once we receive your first listing and payment, we will email a code you may use to post additional jobs.

9. Can I submit an international (non-U.S. based) job?

At this time we can only accommodate U.S. jobs. But we would be happy to hear from you so that we may improve our service!

10. How much does it cost to post a job?

We charge $99 for a single listing and $250 for a bundle package that allows you to post and swap up to five jobs over a three-month period.

11. Where can I send feedback?

Please email maybrooks@maybrooks.com — we appreciate your feedback.