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Paid Maternity Leave
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Paid Paternity Leave
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We value a work/life balance and are flexible with the number of weeks a parent takes when having a child.

Flexibility & Perks

Flexible Work Programs
  • Autonomy to own your schedule
  • Compressed work weeks
  • Flexible hours / schedule
  • Options to work remotely
  • Part-time opportunities
  • Team-based or manager-approved flex scheduling
  • Flex Program Eligibility
  • All employees (current and new)
  • Are your hiring managers willing to discuss flexible options during the interview process without penalty?`
    Unlimited PTO
    Benefits for Working Moms & Families
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    What makes this company a great place to work for working moms and families?

    One of our core values is to embrace the whole person, meaning:

    • Real People: We recognize that our team members, partners, and ourselves are actual real people with needs, desires, and lives outside of work. We seek to deeply understand those perspectives, respect them, and support them.

    • Build Community: We create space for us to learn from another, play together and share our stories.

    • Diversity and Inclusion: While building community, we also actively work to expand our understanding of diversity and build an environment that feels safe and meaningful to people from all backgrounds.

    Because of this value, we provide unlimited PTO and flexible work options.

    Sources: Official company representative(s).

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