6 tips to ease baby to childcare after maternity leave

6 Tips to Transition Your Baby to Childcare Post Maternity Leave

It’s important to give yourself and baby time to transition to a new caretaker. Here are six tips to help both of you get there with ease.

Layla Kajer of Ultragenyx talks about her new identity as a working mom millennial on Maybrooks a career resource for moms

With Baby — An Expansion, Not Death, of a Career Woman

How an unplanned baby allowed for amazing growth and expansion of a career for this new working mom, who then sought a new work culture to support this surprising — and ultimately welcomed — shift.

Bria Martin on navigating the transition from maternity leave back to work on Maybrooks

A New Mom’s Tips to Navigate Maternity to Work

Five work-smart strategies that will help you with the transition from maternity leave back to work, and give you the foundation to feel good about work and family time.

Bria Martin Mommy Guilt New Job and Pregnant on Maybrooks a career resource for moms. Find flexible jobs and maternity leave information.

A New Job, and Pregnant

A new job and surprise timing of a second pregnancy left Bria Martin feeling nervous and guilt ridden, for nought. A great example of seeking the right workplace culture.

Working Mom Stephanie Won's story on getting back in after a break.

A Story of Perseverance to “Get Back In”

Stephanie Won thought she could always “get back in” when ready but found a challenge she could never have expected. Here’s her powerful story of perseverance.

Jackie Hanselmann Sergie on missing the me before the mom on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

Missing the “Me” Before the “Mom”

New mom Jackie Hanselmann Sergi of KOYA Leadership Partners on missing her old career road-warrior self post baby, then discovers she’s still there — with new tricks.

How to Make the Most of an Introduction

Warm introductions to other women who can provide career guidance as peer mentors are a great way to network.

Negotiation in 7 Easy Steps

Forget “negotiating” entirely and focus on “influencing” instead

Ideal Work Lab – with Kara Smith

Kara is a workforce consultant, educator, and founder of the Ideal Work Lab project. Her mission is to help overwhelmed professionals, teams and organizations conquer work dilemmas, get wildly empowered, engaged and energized, and do their BEST work. She’s a working mother who believes we do our BEST work when we align work with our […]

Because Working Moms Need to Laugh — 6 Ideas

Katrina Alcorn, author of Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink, shares her tips on taking time out for a little levity…

6 Tips for Saving Time on Paying Bills

Simple changes on how you organize your bill paying responsibilities could save you hours — and money!

On Resumes: Think Like a Marketer

Tips for refreshing your resume from an executive recruiter

I’ve Never Been Afraid to Negotiate

TiVo executive Margret Schmidt on asking for more in the beginning and how her family makes it work with a stay-at-home dad

Looking For A New Job? Try Tweaking The One You Already Have

Four tips to help you find your center of gravity from our friends at Dot Complicated.

Motherhood and the Evolving Pursuit of Balance

When I accepted my new role with UrbanSitter, I wasn’t the only one who did. My husband and my son signed up for a lot of changes in their lives, too.