Tapping into your shadow identity on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms with part time and flexible jobs

Tapping Into Your Shadow Identity

For every fabulous quality you possess, there is a shadow part of you that rarely gets any airtime. There’s a cost to this pattern.

Achieve your dreams by nurturing ideas with love and time just like a tree that doesn't grow overnight.

Now is the Time to Act on Your Ideas

Does a Redwood tree come out of the ground strong, tall and robust? No, it takes time and the right conditions for it to grow and become majestic. Here are four steps to fight your fears and start the process for change.

How Moms Can Tap Into Their Inner Beauty

Life and career coach Johanna Beyer discusses how cultivating your inner aliveness is as important as eating right and taking care of your body.

Staying Loose to Achieve Success

One coach’s strategy of applying a principle of staying loose and working less hard as a means to have more power over your life and career.

Sunrise on Maybrooks

Waking Up to Your Potential

Waking up to change or your career potential is exciting and painful, but worth it.

Back to work tips with maybrooks-roses and pen2

Getting Started if You’ve Never Worked

SAHM mom of two asks how to kickstart her career. Coach Johanna Beyer has three steps.

Taking a Break Can Be Good for Your Career

Taking a break offers a chance to see what new gifts and talents want to come out and express themselves

Ready to take the leap with Johanna Beyer on Maybrooks

9 Reasons Why You Are Ready to Take the Leap

Tips for knowing when the time is right to make a change.

Career Coach Johanna Beyer on Maybrooks for working moms and moms headed back to work.

Ask Johanna: Overcoming Fear

Three steps to overcoming the fear that might be keeping you from going back to work