How to manage a career change when you don't know what to do workshop on Maybrooks, a career resource for moms with part time and flexible job opportunities

Join Us for a Career Change Workshop

Whether you’re going back to work after maternity leave, thinking about returning to the workforce after time as a stay at home mom, or are currently in a job and just know you’re meant to do something more, this workshop is for you.

Four flexible jobs for moms on Maybrooks a career resource for moms.

Four Fantastic Flexible Jobs in Finance, Big Data & Consulting

Check out these opportunities in consulting, data science and community engagement.

Strategies to go part time with confidence on Maybrooks a career resource for moms

4 Strategies to Go Part Time with Confidence

Worried about what going part time will do to your career? Worried about how to manage your time and expectations of others? Here’s some advice from other moms to help you go confidently in this direction.

Weeknight taco recipe for working moms and dads on Maybrooks a career resource for moms looking for flexible and part time jobs

Weeknight Taco Recipe for Working Moms and Dads

Seriously easy and delicious weeknight recipe brought to you by a Yogi 🙂

Pick flexible jobs like you pick Macarons -- only the best!

7 Flexible Jobs for Moms

Smart. Flexible. Meaningful.

Johanna Beyer, founder of On Your Path Consulting, on Maybrooks about how she lives, loves and works as a mother

How Johanna Beyer Lives, Loves and Works

Johanna Beyer spends her days encouraging and inspiring others. Here’s how she stays inspired herself!

Delicious, flexible jobs on Maybrooks for moms looking for part time, flexible or remote work.

Five Delicious Flexible Jobs

Amazing work from home, part time and flexible work opportunities.

Christy Johnson of Artemis #livelovework on maybrooks. Working mom of three, consulting, strategy.

How Christy Johnson Lives, Loves, and Works

A daughter, twin boys and a budding consulting company keep this busy working momma on her toes in the Seattle area!

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Does Your Company Work for Working Parents?

Join the Maybrooks database of companies that work for working moms, dads and families with highlights on paid maternity leave, childcare and more.

Salmon with Black Beans, Roasted Vegetables, Quinoa on Maybrooks for busy working moms

Cumin-spiced Salmon with Roasted Vegetables, Quinoa & Black Beans

An easy weeknight meal for busy working parents: Salmon, roasted veggies, quinoa and black beans.

Six week summer organization

The Big Summer Clean Out in 6 Weeks

How to organize your home in six weeks before back-to-school madness starts again.

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Women’s Plaza in Portland

Check out this new initiative — a co-work space for women entrepreneurs with childcare launching in Portland.

What happens when you are forced to choose?

A call to action for paid leave in New York from a member of the Maybrooks community.

Learn how to weave and make wonderful woven wall hangings!

Learn to weave! A workshop opportunity from a member of the Maybrooks community!

I Heart Maybrooks… and Have a New Project for Kids & Families to Share

Check out Curiosity Pack, a new initiative from a member of the Maybrooks community!

Spotlight on Flexibility: Deloitte

Deloitte is well-known for its innovative approach to work-life fit and its inclusive culture.